The economy may be down, but things are looking up for kitchens and baths as manufacturers provide affordable new ways to perk up cabinetry with colors that lift the spirits.

With so many unknowns about the current economy, Americans are hunkering down and spending more time at home, where they want to surround themselves with comforting colors.

According to recent consumer research, the upside of the economic downturn has created the art of “brightsiding,” centered on recognizing pleasures and pastimes that are the side effects of uncertainty, as reported by the Yankelovich Monitor Minute. At the same time, environmental and international influences are leading to a new palette of colors that are both familiar and inspiring, driving a trend for contrasts in color.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in the kitchen, where everyone tends to gather seeking comfort and cheer. Let color come to the rescue in the form of cabinetry finishes that complement other design elements including paint, wallcoverings, countertops and flooring. For example, Diamond Cabinets recently introduced the Inspired Collection of six hues, adding to its extensive variety of colorful finishes. All can be used either together or in contrast to create personality in the kitchen, whether it’s accenting a hearth, an island or serving as the main color for an overall design scheme.

Colorful finishes provide an affordable way to create a custom, designer look in your home, especially when used on beautifully designed semi-custom cabinetry. And with the range of colors available today, you can achieve a personalized look that reflects your passion, inspiration and individuality.

Renew, recharge, invigorate with color.

Everyone needs a space where you can renew, recharge and invigorate. Set the mood with new Oasis, a cool blue antique cabinetry finish that mimics water’s calming, rejuvenating power to transform any room into a tranquil refuge. Start by shoring up its blue and green tones with a cooler neutral paint and dark natural countertops. Then cap off the center island with a warmer, earthier organic material. Lastly, explore the idea of anchoring it all with rich brown natural wood flooring.

If you feel a desire to warm things up in your kitchen or bath, Honeysuckle finish provides a unique combination of upscale appeal and universal utility. This trendy but classic hue can be the signature color for your overall project, or used in contrast with lighter hardwood or ceramic tile flooring. Either way, it is sure to draw the eye and capture your imagination for new design possibilities, adding a sunny, welcoming color to your space.

For those who find relaxation in the outdoors, the Portobello finish can bring its effects indoors. This finish is a rare neutral with chameleon-like characteristics that takes its cue from Mother Nature, blending effortlessly with interior colors such as wine-colored reds, rich plums, mixed greens and barrel brown. Easily one of the most inviting colors to appear in nature, Portobello complements a wide variety of palettes with understated delicacy — easily blending with design schemes from shabby chic to feminine elegance.

Finally, if you’re feeling blue, try adding a splash of new Tidal Mist finish, which evokes the soft grays and gentle blues of the nation’s northern coasts, providing a comfortable blanket of color to your cabinets. This finish can be used as a cool complement to warm-based tones on walls or stone countertops and is especially beautiful on maple or cherry. It can also be used in contrast with other cabinets that are available in soothing colors such as Chocolate or Harvest Maple.

As an additional option, you can achieve the popular vintage look in all of the finishes through an heirloom technique, which employs a sand-through rub edge along the edges, giving cabinets the look of having been lovingly used for generations.

No matter how you choose to use them, either together or in contrast, colorful cabinetry finishes can create personality in your home and perk up your life when you and your family may need it most.

Courtesy of ARAcontent