Loft conversion, garage conversion, basement conversion

Conversion ideas for your loft, garage and basement

Loft, garage and basement conversions are ones of the major jobs that are undertaken to properties. They are a great challenge as well as fun. HomeTechJoinery as home improvement contractors will deal with all conversions listed below in accordance with your requirements, and legal requirements as well.

We will discuss with you all aspects of conversion and all considerations, so that you know what is involved, how long it will take and if you need a permission or not. Any conversion that we undertake is regularly supervised and co-ordinated so that all tradesmen involved work efficiently.

We aim to start work as soon as possible, however it may take some time, we aim that it is no longer than two weeks, to arrange for example materials that you intend to use. It will take more time if planning permission is required. However, once work has started, it will be as quick as possible. So contact us now.

Loft Conversion

Beautifully converted and finished lofts with large roof windows are usually very bright and full of sunshine. Spending time in such a place, either working or lounging, undeniably has a very positive influence on your health.
Loft conversion is also a great way of adding more space to your property. Provessionally and nicely converted attic may quickly become one of your favourite rooms. Whether the purpose of your conversion is to add another bedroom, study, playroom or just a storage, we are here to help you realise your vision.

We can implement either an existing architectural plan, your idea for loft conversion or come up with some ideas that that we think you may like. We will discuss with you all your suggestions, in order to give you advice on the most suitable loft conversion for you. We are also able to provide a wide range of roof windows, blinds and electric controls from any supplier as we are tied to none of them.

All loft conversion work is carried out in accordance with building regulations and under supervision from your local counil, if required.


Three-bedroom house becomes four-bedroom house in a very short period of time. Accordingly, converting your garage into a bedroom prior to selling, is a great investment with surefire return.

Again, all proceedings are carried out under supervision from your local building authorities. It is usually required if structural changes are to be made to your property.


Basement Conversion

Why not take a look underneath your house? Have you got a basement that you hardly use or which became your storage or just a place where you get rid of stuff you no longer need? If you have, don’t let it stay this way. Basement is a great room which may be converted in many ways.

Basement conversions are usually underestimated. That should no longer be the case. Beautifully converted basements usually make great utility rooms. They serve one purpose especially well – recreation activities. Tennis table room, billiard room, exercise room, even a sauna, just to mention a few. In our opinion, the basement which does not serve any purpose should be converted. Who wouldn’t like to have a personal sauna? So, if you have suitable basement and resources, go for it. We will help you all the way.



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